Module Mapping Resources

Here are some useful resources to plan and track your modules!

LKCSB Website & Handbook

These resources provide the general overview of modules that a Business student is required to take! This will cover all core modules required before your respective Majors.

The curriculum can be found here and the student handbook can be found here!


Degree Progress Report What-If

This resource first allows you to track the current progress of your degree, stating modules that you have already completed and have yet to complete. Another feature of this resource allows you to key in simulated Major combinations to see what are the modules that you would be required to take based on the simulated Major declarations.

Click here for more!

LKCSB Course Offering Spreadsheet

The LKCSB Course Offering provides an extensive list of the different modules provided by LKCSB and the distribution by semesters.

Please refer to this page for more information.

LKCSB Second Major Requirements Spreadsheet

The Second Major Requirements Excel documents the prerequisites for respective Majors, course requirements, and minimum number of course units. A useful tool in checking different Second Major combinations!

Check out this page to find out more.

If you encounter any issues with your major, planning of modules or undergraduate programmes enquiries, do drop Undergraduate Office an email at