Bondue Business Forum

Bondue Business Forum (BBF) is Bondue’s signature networking event, which provides students a platform to network with and gain targeted advice and insights from experienced professionals from renowned companies. The event strives to shed light on the industrial trends, nature of the various jobs and challenges faced by professionals on a day-to-day basis through a panel discussion followed by a networking session. While students will benefit from the expertise and experiences shared, professionals would also be able to expand their network and engage in insightful discussions with their counterparts.



BBF 2021: A Step Forward

BBF 2021 aims to create opportunities for Bonduers to gain insights from various experienced professionals on how their businesses have pivoted to adapt to the challenges that arose due to COVID-19, as well as hear personal stories from working professionals about their experiences in various industries. 

BBF 2019: Remould – A New Perspective

Themed “Remould – A New Perspective”, BBF 2019 aims to embrace and explore the diverse range of choices available other than the conventional paths and options, for your future career decision.

BBF 2018: Adept Today, Adapt Tomorrow

BBF 2018 takes the theme of Adept Today, Adapt Tomorrow; instilling the central idea of creating opportunities through change.

BBF 2016: Insights to Ignite

BBF 2016 aimed to help participants gain valuable practical knowledge and insights which will incite eagerness and passion in exploring the career path best suited for them.