Business Clubs

Business clubs are a great way to pursue your interests in certain disciplines.

Academic-related Clubs

Communication Management Society

SMU Communication Management Society is the main body in Singapore Management University that seeks to provide undergraduates with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-changing communication landscape. Our guiding principle is simple – to be the springboard for our peers to understand the needs of the industry. Alongside our partners, we organise company visits, conduct workshops and present internship and full-time opportunities, all in an effort to complement our academic journey. Want to know more? –

EYE Investment Club

EYE Investment Club is Singapore Management University (SMU)’s official finance club with a member base of more than 1,600 members. Founded in March 2002 by a group of students who possess similar interest in investments and financial planning, we aim to stimulate interest in finance among students and help them develop an eye for investing and equip students with ample knowledge regarding investments in the real world.


Operations Management Society (OMS)

Operations Management Society (OMS) is a student club for all students interested in OM to join. The club organises a variety of events, such as industry talks, networking sessions, company visits, and a newly minted mentorship program – with OM as the root essence of it all.





Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources (OBHR) Society

Established in 2009, the Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources (OBHR) Society is a student-led club in Singapore Management University (SMU) comprising of students who are passionate about OBHR and growing its community. OBHR Society hopes to create a network of people for people and establishes a quadripartite relationship with various relevant constituencies – students, faculty, alumni and practitioners – by being a relevant intermediary, and by organising and executing events such as Alumni Networking Night, NTUC Career Mentorship Session and Inter-Tertiary HR Symposium (IHRS) for the OBHR community.

Quantitative Finance Club (Q.E.D)

Formed in conjunction with the launch of the undergraduate Quantitative Finance programme in August 2006, QED has been established with the objective of inculcating cohesiveness and a sense of belonging among the Quantitative Finance majors, as well as to promote the knowledge of financial engineering and computational finance to interested members of the University.

With this is mind, Q.E.D is responsible for organising and planning for activities that will display and highlight the usefulness and practicality of Quantitative Finance, such as seminars conducted by industry experts and intra and inter school competitions. QED also undertakes the responsibility of exposing members of the SMU community to Quantitative Finance by encouraging participation in its activities.

SMU Marketing Society (SMarketing)

Established in 2010, SMU Marketing Society is the go-to platform for students to navigate the marketing industry. We seek to spark engaging conversations, create exciting opportunities, and empower future marketers. Through networking events, workshops, competitions, company visits and mentorship programs, we aim to connect members with various aspects of the Marketing industry, empowering students to get ahead in the multifaceted nature of Marketing.

SMU Maritime Merchants Society (MMS)

The SMU Maritime Merchants Society (MMS) envisions the creation of a healthy ecosystem consisting of students, alumni, and industry partners from both the Shipping & Commodities Trading aspect. With this ecosystem set in place, the end-goal of a stronger presence of Singapore Management University in the Shipping & Merchant sphere will be achieved. The Club runs events like company site visits, Overseas Industry Study Missions, Know-Thy-Commodity events and an annual networking event.

 The SMU Maritime Merchants Society (MMS) was newly founded in 2019 upon the merger of the previous SMU Maritime Club & SMU Merchant’s Club.

Business-related Clubs


Cognitare is the business case club of Singapore Management University (SMU). Formed in 2001, just a year after the university’s incorporation, the club has been represented by some of the keenest and sharpest minds of SMU. The name Cognitare, derived from the Latin word “cognoscere” meaning “to know”, reflects the club’s commitment to learning – from faculty advisors, alumni, seniors and peers.


SMUREAL is a student business club with an aim to develop a community of people with a firm foundation in finance, synergised with a unique perspective through real estate and alternative investments.

At SMUREAL, we host several key real estate related activities and events throughout such as site visits, lectures, and conferences to provide members with an all-rounded yet enjoyable learning experience.

Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF)

SMU Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is a long-only equity paper trading portfolio which invests Asia-Ex Japan markets. We cover various sectors such as financials, resources, industrial, consumer discretionary and staples, property and tech-media-telecommunications. We aspire to impart knowledge of equity analysis, financial valuations and other marketable skill sets for the finance industry. Furthermore, we are a closely knitted and connected club where alumni frequently reach out and come back to share industry experience to current members of the club.