Business Majors

Within the Business Management curriculum in Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB), there are 10 business majors and 10 tracks. Alternatively, you can opt for the generalist route (i.e. not opting for any business major) by selecting 6 courses from any of the 10 business majors. You can also pursue a second major from one of the business majors or any majors offered by any other SMU Schools.

Most importantly, you must declare your major within your first 4 regular terms of study.

Communication Management


Academic Advisor: Tracy Loh

Tracks: Data, Design and Communication

The Communication Management major is a highly versatile major that focuses on the theory and practice of strategic and brand communications. It is suitable for careers in corporate communication, public relations, digital media, advertising, and content development. You will also develop the communication skills required to thrive in management roles.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Academic Advisor: Kenneth Goh

Tracks: NIL

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship major is for undergraduates who want to make an impact through new venture creation, leading corporate innovations, or spearheading business growth plans. Through electives, an entrepreneurship practicum, and study missions to entrepreneurial hubs globally, you will gain a foundation for applying the tools and techniques to start new ventures, lead corporate innovation, and scale your impact.



Academic Advisors: Aurobindo Ghosh, Chiraphol New Chiyachantana, Karen Gan


  • Finance Analytics Track
  • International Trading Track
  • Banking Track
  • Real Estate Track
  • Wealth Management Track


Finance is a key pillar of the Singapore economy and accounts for a large fraction of foreign investments into Singapore. Not only does the sector employ a significant part of Singapore’s professional workforce, job opportunities will be expanded by advances in FinTech and Asia’s growth. The Finance major is well-designed to equip you with the relevant industry skills to be ready to take on a career in finance and related sectors.



Academic Advisors: Seshan Ramaswami (Term 1), Patricia Lui (Term 2)


  • Marketing Analytics Track



In the Marketing major, you will learn to use consumer research to develop competitive and sustainable marketing strategies. Marketing graduates find work in diverse industries, including branding, advertising, digital media, sales, retail, consulting, and marketing research.

Operations Management


Academic Advisors: Joyce Low, Feng Guiyun


  • Maritime Business & Operations Track
  • Operations Analytics Track


Operations Management major provides you with the skills needed to drive operational excellence and manage business operations in a wide range of sectors, including retail, consumer goods, hospitality, healthcare, supply chains, logistics, and manufacturing.

Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources


Academic Advisors: Jared Nai, Ma Kheng Min

Tracks: NIL



Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources (OBHR) major consists of two areas of emphasis. The first emphasis, Organisational Behaviour (OB), focuses on leadership, teams, organisational change, ethical decision-making, negotiations and cross-cultural management. The second area of emphasis, Human Resources (HR), consists of talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, strategic HR and HR analytics.

Quantitative Finance


Academic Advisor: Zhao Yibao

Tracks: NIL

Quantitative Finance major is a cross-disciplinary field which uses a scientific approach to make trading, hedging and investment decisions, as well as facilitating the risk management of those decisions. The financial markets are increasingly driven by technology, in which superior knowledge and efficiency provide a competitive advantage. This major builds analytic skills required in the financial markets for understanding new innovations in finance and making decisions. Quantitative Finance major aims to impart our students a good command of quantitative skills to a successful career in risk analysis, asset management, derivatives sales & trading, quantitative research, and consulting.

Strategic Management


Academic Advisors: Whitney Zhang

Tracks: NIL

Strategic Management major develops strategic management concepts, skills and competencies. These include formulating corporate strategies, developing new businesses, designing corporate structures, and managing businesses and corporations.

Sustainability Management (only as a 2nd major)

Academic Advisor: Ted Tschang

Many businesses have started to embrace environmental and social sustainability as part of their strategic goals. The Sustainability Management major, the first of its kind in Singapore, develops a basic understanding of issues such as climate change, marine pollution, the depletion of natural resources, and poverty. The interdisciplinary nature of the major includes courses in various business and non-business disciplines, covering a variety of perspectives and tools needed to help firms, and in selected situations, government and the non-profit sector, to make meaningful impact.

Digital Business (only as a 2nd major)

Academic Advisor: Geng Xuesong

Digital Technologies are transforming business, government, and society rapidly and profoundly. This Digital Business major provides students with a comprehensive understanding of digital technologies, digital business models, and the necessary analytical and management tools to navigate the digital transformation frontier confidently. It provides new perspectives on operating organisations, creating value for consumers, and gaining a competitive advantage in the digital age. The knowledge acquitted in this major has wide-ranging applications in a variety of industries.