Our Logo

The logo embodies a way of respecting the past and attributes that resonate with Bonduers, while still looking ahead. It exemplifies the careful balance between legacy and innovation by maintaining the core integrity of Bondue. A fresher and neater look is given without much deviation from the original logo.

With the use of a font that accentuates a greater curvature, we want to convey a friendlier and more inclusive image to better engage with you. The introduction of open spaces between each letter allows for easier readability and more importantly, signifies the need for greater openness in working towards a more progressive future. 

Our Colours

Bondue embodies these colours by priding itself to bring forth the above values to its student body and ensuring that all their interests are met. These colours also align with Bondue’s vision to provide a dynamic and fulfilling university experience for Bonduers.

Our Mission and Vision


To cultivate a dynamic and fulfilling university experience for SMU business students



To unify SMU business students, while serving their welfare, social, academic and professional interests

Our Story

SMU Business Society, affectionately known as Bondue, is the student representative body of Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB). Founded in 2005, we are the largest student body amongst the six faculties in SMU. Our key stakeholders include current students, alumni, distinguished staff from the LKCSB Office and corporate partners.

The term “Bondue” was coined when our founders were having a bonding session. That was when an idea prompted one of them with the question: “what if we named our Business Society, Bondue which stands for Bond with You?”. Thus, that was how Bondue got its name. Over the years, the Bondue spirit is what kept the school body so closely-knitted. As we like to say – One Bondue, One Family.