The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project is an initiative that aims to empower individuals by providing them a platform which they can increase their knowledge, deepen their understanding and offer better support to fellow peers and themselves during trying times 💙

We conducted a series of activities with the aim to educate & remind Bonduers about the importance of mental health and self-care. From providing self care tips to mindfulness messages through our collaterals, these were some ways Bonduers could learn how to take better care of their mental and emotional state. They were also provided with the contact information of platforms they can reach out to should they require professional assitance. The school on the other hand was decorated with motivational quotes on walls and emoticon streamers to serve as reminder that it is okay for anyone to feel their feelings and that all types of emotions are valid.

With the Covid-19 pandemic on going, we felt the need to not only take care of Bonduers but also the frontline staff in school. We carried out Bondue Gives Back, where we wrote card to show our appreciation to the security guards, cleaners and school staff. They are our unsung heroes who have been working longer hours just to keep the school clean and safe. We managed to reach out to 110 frontliners and we thank all Bonduers for making it a success!

To end off, we held The Mindfulness Project’s Welfare Drive. This time round with wholesome food and some sweet treats to not only nourish the bodies but also our minds and hearts!