Slightly Scarlet

Slightly Scarlet is Bondue’s annual philanthropic fashion show which seeks to raise funds and increase awareness of our beneficiaries. Being the first and only philanthropic fashion show, Bondue is taking a step to be part of something bigger than ourselves.



Slightly Scarlet 2022: Embrace

To embrace is to accept, to include and to love. Slightly Scarlet 2022 is working with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to raise awareness and funds for their cause. With the theme ‘Embrace’, we hope to raise compassion and knowledge about the visually impaired community, so that we can EMBRACE them and be a more inclusive society.


Slightly Scarlet 2021: Embody

Slightly Scarlet 2021 was held virtual this year! This year’s theme is Embody, which aims to align ourselves with the same heart to raise awareness and funds for the Cerebral Palsy community as well as to shift the public perceptions towards people with disabilities. With the theme Embody in mind, we envision our event to encapsulate and express the inner uniqueness and quiet confidence that this community possesses through creative art forms.

We’ve also conducted 5 online campaigns throughout the event with different sub-themes: Barriers, Struggles, Love, Gratitude and Hope.

Slightly Scarlet 2019: Empower

Slightly Scarlet is proud to work alongside Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) for the second year! The theme for 2019 is “Empower” as we aim to empower the visually handicapped as well as sighted individuals with greater knowledge and understanding of this community in Singapore.

Slightly Scarlet 2018: Envision

Slightly Scarlet 2018 marks the start of our collaboration with Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS). Through this philanthropic fashion show, we want to better inform the public about the tribulations of those who are visually impaired. Themed “Envision”, it speaks less of vision in its literal sense and instead, illustrates the mental picture towards our hopes and dreams, and to envision a brighter future.

Slightly Scarlet 2017: Hope Unfolds

A thousand cranes, a story of hope. There is a saying that with the folding of a thousand cranes, any wish will be granted. To them, these cranes represent hope. In 2017, Slightly Scarlet is working with Children’s Cancer Foundation to raise awareness for their cause and create a lasting impact. Our wish is that the children at CCF embody hope on their journey. To us, these cranes convey our hope. Thus, the theme for Slightly Scarlet 2017 is Hope Unfolds.

Slightly Scarlet 2016: Letters to You

Themed “Letters to you”, the show revolved around the idea of writing letters of encouragement to a girl named Scarlet, who suffers from Mild Intellectual Disability. Weaved into the different walks through voiceovers, these letters sought to inspire Scarlet to embody qualities such as Courage, Valor and Independence. We hope we were able to touch the audience and allow them to understand how focusing on one’s abilities, rather than disabilities can impact and inspire the lives of the less fortunate.