The Great Move

The Great Move is a campaign that came from our desire to spread love, good vibes, and positivity to the Bondue community. Gratitude was decided as the main tenet of this movement as it is a positive feeling that we can all conjure and share with one another. However, many of us usually do not realise what we are grateful for because we are not mindful of the good around us. The Great Move strives to assist and encourage us in realising moments, matters and people we are grateful for, and eventually encouraging us to act on that gratitude. By being grateful for what we have, we can make our lives a little richer by looking at things a little fuller.

As students, we are easily occupied with the hustle and bustle of our commitments. But let’s remember to be grateful for what we have, while chasing for what we want. Appreciate and celebrate the people who’ve been part of our journey, who made us happy and who made a difference in our lives. This video series explores the use of our students’ reactions and responses to spread the message of love and appreciation. It aims to remind viewers of the people they are grateful for. The students in this video have also shared with us that they’ve never expressed that much gratitude towards the people whom they spoke to and were thus thankful for the opportunity to do so. Hearing that warmed our hearts and we hope “Unspoken” warms yours too!